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  • Acupressure for You Now

    It would be great if you could find quick relief from a headache or anxiety just by pressing a button. Well, if you know a few of the acupressure points in your extremities, you might be able to do just that. While recovering from some ailments does take the prescribed set of sessions with your acupuncturist,

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  • Dealing with Arthritis

    Arthritis can be disruptive to you or your family member’s quality of life. It is a progressive condition that causes pain and inflammation around the joints. Many people associate arthritis with old age. In fact, it can strike anyone at any stage of life. Two-thirds of people diagnosed with a form

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  • Chinese Herbs Complement Acupuncture

    The practices involved in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have evolved and been refined over centuries, but are based on a few ancient beliefs: • The human body represents a tiny version of the greater universe - health comes from harmony between the yin and yang forces. • The five elements (earth,

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